Monday’s are my jam. So when I woke up this morning, and everything went left, my day did too. With effort, I recovered. Here are the insights that led to the repeal. I hope you find it helpful and full of hope if you’ve had a bad day too…

1. Keep the stakes high but the emotion low.

Have a plan. Keep the plan. BUT really make peace with the fact that things don’t always go according to plan. Today I woke up 2 hours later than usual and that delay had me in a frenzy because I put TOO much emotion in the plan without staying grounded in reality. I was frustrated instead of fluid and it cost me both mental energy and locked me out of flow.

Blesseth are the flexible, for they never get bent out of shape.

2. Don’t take physical supplements to fix emotive challenges.

To compensate, I tried to pop a neuro gum (look it up) to heighten my focus, but really what I needed was to step away for a moment and get my head back in the game…to recalibrate what made most sense instead of “pushing” through. While you may not be popping peak performance supplements, you could be using other things to distract you from what really needs to be done.

When you’re feeling the pressure just step away. Answers rise in silence.

3. Naps hold superpowers.

At midday when I was still having a hard time STILL finding my rhythm, I took a nap. The results? My mental energy. drastically increased and my neuro chemicals restored to levels that allowed me to tap back into flow (whew, I could write a book on just that).

Sleep is magic.

4. A sucky start doesn’t mean you throw the entire day away.

By evening I just kept doing what I thought would be best at every moment, despite how frustrating the day was. Listening to my body and trusting my professional intuition, I just kept giving what I had to give.

Always give your best…and your best WILL look different on different days. Best doesn’t mean the same as your last best day, it just means that you give what you have available to offer for that day. Nothing more, nothing less.

A decent day will ALWAYS be better than a day of giving up.

5. Sometimes perspective is more important than progress.

In comparison to how extremely highly productive most of my other Mondays are, today sucked….there’s no way around that. But, I kept thinking: guess what, it’s ONLY Monday! I have 6 more chances before the end of the week to have a kick ass day and progress my week forward.

As long as bad DAYS are kept in perspective, they won’t ever have enough power to turn into bad weeks.

Keep going. Never give up.

Enough said.

Rooting for you.





Award Winning Entrepreneur. Peak Performance Coach. Hope Dealer.

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Tina Bonner

Tina Bonner

Award Winning Entrepreneur. Peak Performance Coach. Hope Dealer.

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